Ankur Desai studies micro-climate data to better understand how plants and trees contribute to weather patterns on a local scale.

Steve Vavrus is an expert on global climate change, Arctic climate, Wisconsin climate, and extreme weather.

Sara Hotchkiss' research focuses on the paleoecology and history of vegetation, including ecosystem responses to past climate change.

The Center for Climatic Research focuses on interdisciplinary research regarding the Earth’s climate system, including the causes and impacts of historical, ongoing, and projected climate variability and change, with geographic focuses that span from local to global scale. The center’s diverse activities and societal contributions include the training of students and postdoctoral researchers as the next generation of climate scientists, development of guidance for state government and regional stakeholders regarding climate change impacts and adaptation, and advancement of scientific understanding of the coupled Earth system.

Tools for Tracking Climate Change

CCR scientists have developed easy-to-understand maps that show historical information and climate projections in Wisconsin and Midwest. The maps provide insights into how temperature, precipitation, length of growing season, and other variables might change in the future.

Excellence in Climate Science

World map showing the increase in sea surface temperatures

CCR scientists have strong expertise in the areas of climate modeling and climate dynamics, climate impacts, past climates, carbon cycling, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and feedbacks between the atmosphere and earth’s surface.

CCR has a distinguished tradition of over 50 years of excellence in climate science. Its past directors include fellows of the American Geophysical Union and members of the National Academy of Sciences, while its alumni are found in leading atmospheric and geoscience departments around the country. CCR faculty and scientists are at the leading edge of their disciplines.

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