2023 Sky’s the Limit STEM Camp Recap

The 2023 Sky’s the Limit STEM Camp was held June 16–July 21.

2023 Schedule

June 16: Feelin’ the Heat

Our first day of camp will focus on the GLOBE Atmosphere Protocol. We will build our own thermometers and test them out. We will drive the remote-controlled TerraRover and use infrared thermometers and solar meters around Big Hill Park to study differences among ecosystems and the urban heat island effect. After our scientific exploration, we’ll head to the playground for some relaxing fun.

June 23: Big Hill Hurray

We’ll start the day with a bingo icebreaker, followed by a hike around Big Hill Park. Next, we will perform experiments to explore the greenhouse effect, participate in geocaching across the park, and develop severe weather-themed experiments. Finally, we’ll wrap up a fun afternoon with an Escape the Dungeon game. I hope a dragon doesn’t get us!

June 30: Taking it to the Skies

After a chess, checkers, and board game tournament, we’ll learn how to fly drones at Big Hill Park with Taking Autism to the Skies, experiment with the hands-on augmented reality sandbox, build squishy circuits, and create anemometers and windsocks to measure the wind. Afterwards, we’ll make exploding Minecraft creepers. What a great way to end your day at camp!

July 7: Splish, Splash, Splosh

Our fourth day of camp will focus on the GLOBE Hydrosphere Protocol. We’ll learn about the life of a water molecule through the dice-based Water Cycle Game. We’ll measure water quality and observe macroinvertebrates in Goose Creek, followed by the Water Detectives and Modeling Your Water Balance activities. We’ll end the day learning some new card games.

July 14: Dirt — Not Just for Walking On

Day five will focus on the GLOBE Pedosphere Protocol. We will examine the soil composition of wetlands, forests, and prairies and learn how to identify wetlands. We’ll explore the different attributes among land, water, and air. We will build solar ovens to cook s’mores, yum! We’ll use kits to dig for gems and fossils and end our day with the Rock Cycle Relay game.

July 21: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Our final day of camp will focus on the GLOBE Biosphere Protocol. We’ll create ecosystems in jars, estimate the growth rate of trees and examine tree rings under a microscope, investigate leaf pigments, and classify land cover types. Camp will wrap up with the Forest Succession Game.