Water-Wave-Driven Transport of Particles and Heat

Speaker:  Nimish Pujara, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, UW–Madison

Surface waves on lakes and oceans drive a myriad of transport processes relevant to changes in the natural environment and global climate. In this talk, Pujara will consider wave-driven transport of particles such as sediment, plastic pollution, and plankton as well as wave-driven transport of heat at ocean-ice interfaces. He will show some fundamental aspects of how the motion of small, slowly settling particles are altered by wavy flow in deep-water conditions as well as how waves in shallow-water coastal conditions can act to suspend large amounts of sediment and deposit plastic pollution on beaches.

Livestream:  https://youtube.com/live/DGTI9qM7hz8?feature=share


Apr 09 2024


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


811 Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences
1225 W. Dayton St.